CRISOLAR has been dedicated to jewelry manufacturing since 1989. Based in one of the best-known jewelry artisan cities in the country, Córdoba. We are a small family business with a long tradition and experience in the jewelry sector. Born with a great export vocation, CRISOLAR distributes its articles throughout the world. We are present at the main international jewelry fairs such as Vicenza Oro, Hong Kong and Arezzo.


How we work

CRISOLAR moves without non stop in order to give its customers last trending articles at unbeateble price WITHOUT RENOUNCING quality any jewellery article should always have. We are jewellery manufacturers and we produce in 8, 9, 14 and 18 K Gold

A wide range of jewellery items including kid´s Jewellery, earrings , rings , pendants, bracelets or collars creates a complet offer that pools any potential customer´s needs.

Following last manufacturing process as mixing stamping and laser, CRISOLAR is able to offer a very light range of items without loosing strength. Semi precious stones, Murano glass, ceramic , any new material is mixed with gold in any carat giving the range a look of infinite possibilities.

About us

Our main objective is to maintain the cultural tradition of jewelry for which Córdoba is known throughout history, being faithful to our business and community, promoting local employment, caring about the quality we offer and working with highly trusted suppliers. .



  • CRISOLAR is a small family business.
  • Ana Sotomayor has been the administrator and general director since 2015.


  • Economy: of our total sales, only 2% correspond to the Spanish market and the rest to the foreign market.
  • Environment: 100% of the gold used in our production is recycled gold
  • Labor practices: of the total workers, 75% are women and 25% are men.
  • Human rights: all our suppliers comply with international and European standards regarding labor rights, equality, child labor, forced labor, non-discrimination and occupational risks.
  • Society: 75% of our suppliers are local, and the rest, 50% are national.
  • Product responsibility: all our products comply with the information, safety and origin requirements of the materials used established by current legislation, both nationally and internationally.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations.

In line with the SDGs, we have established a series of priorities that guide our activity:

  • Relationship with clients: develop a strong, stable relationship of mutual trust with our clients.
  • Relationship with workers: create a good work environment in which employees feel safe, listened to and respected, offering equal opportunities and treatment for all of them.
  • Relationship with suppliers: maintain a close and lasting relationship with our suppliers, encouraging them to share our objectives and commitments.
  • Responsible sourcing: ensuring that our supply chain is as sustainable as possible, making efficient use of resources.
  • Local development: continue promoting work with local suppliers, thus contributing to the development of our community.